Tutu care, vinyl care, sublimation printing, sizing range & colour range

Our tulle is soft and fluffy polyester purchased from a supplier in Australia and exported from both the USA and China 

Tulle colour may vary slightly from the picture as each batch is dyed to match as closely as possible 

Please also allow slight monitor difference in colour 

We also use glitter tulle as per request and in certain tutus as listed but not for full garments as glitter tulle can be scratchy as the glitter is sprayed to tulle

We often use a little glitter in our dresses and tutu's 

Tutus are made on crochet elastic and tighten with the bow so they are somewhat adjustable and actually fit a range on ages in the one size, sizing is more for the tulle length 

Short tutu’s generally sit just under the bottom but stick out, 3/4 length sits above the knee roughly mid thigh & full length sits at the ankle, this may vary slightly depending on the high of the person, if you want the tutu to sit at a certain length please contact us first to give measurements and receive a quote for a custom 

Most tutu dresses are made on a crochet bodice which are super stretchy and will fit for a good 2-3 years in each size 

All our tutus are made with 6” polyester tulle strips and are not lined, our tutus are a no sew tutu excluding our ribbon trimmed tutus which each piece of ribbon is individually sewn on 

Please use our lengths as a guide only as length will differ depending on height of the individual person wearing them, if you want your tutu to sit at a specific length please contact us for a quote and provide measurements before placing an order

All personalised designs are made to order and can be customised to suit your theme 

We make embroidered appliqué designs using fabric, each piece is embroidered one at a time and image may vary slightly depending on size, number added to the design and fabric placement as the print will not be stitched the exact same each time but will still look amazing 

We use a variety of blacks from a number of places so sizing and style varies based on current supply, a size chart I’d available on our polyester sublimation blanks as these are imported, for cotton they will vast based on supply, if you’d like a certain style or colour please contact us first 

Please refer to our size charts on each listing for sublimation printed designs and allow 1cm difference as we use 2 suppliers and each are handmade blanks, when pressed with such a high heat sometimes threads (mostly black) as brought to the surface which will wash out, we do pre roll with a lint roller to remove as much as possible but times these will still show after pressing, all sublimation blank are polyester and have a stretch but soft feel, there is a slight variation to print between different suppliers as each polyester brand prints definitely so each order will be made with the one supply where possible 

Our  embroidered designs are large and we use a soft stabiliser backing to ensure its comfortable to wear 

We also make HTV designs and sublimation printed 

 Our tulle is soft and fluffy and very durable, if your tutu is looking a little squished or flat just dilute a little fabric softener with water, spray tulle and comb your fingers through each strand and hang to dry

Tulle can also be hand washed with warm soapy water to clean 

Steam is also great for tulle and helps with crinkles 


Vinyl garments:
-Turn garment inside out, gentle COLD Machine wash, no not use fabric softener or bleach, line dry